Wow! Logo Pertamina 2016 and History

Wow! Logo Pertamina 2016 and History – We’re all familiar with from Pertamina State. Pertamina Indonesia is one of the major State-owned enterprises. Pertamina has an exciting new logo. meaning of Simple logo. using the logo now encompassing Pertamina’s old logo yellow star displays a pair of sea horses before using. Yellow Ribbon ornaments typical classic logo reads Pertamina not to forget. This logo has been around since 1961 and said Pertamina has become a company logo. in 2006, the old logo has been changed. The first logo was replaced with a new logo, three forms of cubism Pertamina new logo spent us $225,000 30 applications in the construction of the letter p. creates. as to the truck carrying gasoline, fuel stations logo design center, letters, folders, business cards,.
Landor logo, San Francisco, was created by a company located in the United States. Landor lived more than 60 years. The company is also BNI and Indosat, some company’s logo in the country has changed. New logo Pertamina price US $350.000 or about 3.5 miliayar rupiah. Dowload following files to Pertamina logo Pertamina old and new logo.

Download and History Of Pertamina Logo
Form with elements of the logo as a whole, the letter “P”
arrow-shaped representation: This describes the Pertamina moves ahead and progressive
stunning colors: great strides will be more positive and dynamic future Pertamina company expectations shows received
Red: the determination and self-confidence and courage reflects a wide range of difficulties in meghadapi.
green color: environment energy reflects in resources
Blue: reliable, dependable and reflects responsible

History of pertamina logo
in 1945, Japan, oil delivered to North Sumatra Province of Indonesia in mine witnessed by allied parties. Old oil concession in the region, BPM is the area before the second world war. At the time of the physical revolution, this oil mine is completely destroyed. Oil fields in other areas of the Netherlands and Indonesia was captured by the aliens, but based on the concession of North Sumatra and Aceh in Indonesia to be the country’s oil field.
Republic of Indonesia sovereignty was recognized in December 1949, 1953 until the end of the Government is still hesitant to my North Sumatra oil BPM back or conquered himself. in 1954, Minister of economy by review ‘ Coordinator ‘ assignment was to bring improvements.
Indonesia’s Army Chief of staff in October 1957 when General Abdul Haris Nasution, Colonel doctor Ibnu is a limited liability company law Sutowo oil company appointed to build. founded on December 10, 1957 in PT Indonesia national oil, mining (PT PERMINA) with Colonel Dr. Ibnu Sutowo as President Director.

1800 began the search term:
Indonesia first oil well drilling carried out in the region of Cirebon in 1871 by the Netherlands. Nevertheless, the first production wells drilled wells in 1885 was followed by the establishment of the Royal Netherlands company, Pangkalan Brandan in 1883, in the District of North Sumatra said Telaga. Since that time Indonesia ekspolitasi started its activities in the oil. Who’s the first production “Royal Netherlands by” organized, he said. Established after the North Sumatera Oil field concession in the oil to start the “Koninklijke”, “Koninklijke” new leaders started manufacturing in 1899.

1900 Rev: combat
Then he said, then the country’s oil production Wells Telaga industrial activities continues to grow. For the sake of Discovery Discovery keeps popping up. the discovery of a new source of oil till the 1950s East Java district, South Sumatera, Sumatera, Central and East Kalimantan. Today’s Indonesia still continued with the occupation of Japan under the occupation of Netherlands. in 1907, the ‘ Koninklijke ‘ and ‘ shell transport and trading company ‘ joins BPM. Later the same year, the Royal Netherlands Indonesia to deliver BPM konsesi-konsesinya.
East Asia war broke out when oil production is disrupted. During the occupation of Japan, just good work done to rehabilitate the area and scorched earth or stopped the last bombardment during the war of independence, damaged by oil production.
But when the war ended and to start a regular Government nation, all oil and natural gas field left Japan and Netherlands by is governed by the State.

1957: milestone Pertamina
Government to manage National oil company oil assets to establish 10 December 1957 at PT’s National oil company, set under the abbreviated name PERMINA. The company later combined with a PERTAMIN was PERTAMINA in 1968. The Government in this fledgling company puts oil PERTAMINA to strengthen the law No. 8 1971 in and gas company owned by the State in the world. According to this law, all oil companies to run business in Indonesia are obliged to cooperate with PERTAMINA. That’s why dual role, i.e. the mechanism of cooperation agreement (KKS) PERTAMINA (WK) PERTAMINA working as an editor for the tense cooperation partners. We also manage because on the other hand, acts as the PERTAMINA operator, runs his own pieces.

Era 2000: legislative changes
The country’s oil and gas industry in line with the dynamics of government law of oil and gas in 2001, no. 22. As a result of Pertamina’s how enforcement Act PT Pertamina (Persero) and double its role. As a regulatory role the role of the operator while Pertamina only government agencies submitted to.
Regulators later study by BPMIGAS, the role of the upstream sector was established in 2002. Downstream OIL and gas industry regulators role by two years later when running the BPH was established in 2004.
Have that Membeship Pertamina upstream sector

source : official pertamina

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